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Chapter 2 – Princess of Destiny

2.1 Leaving Kokiri Forest

~ The Curse ~

After defeating the boss and stepping into the light, you’ll appear back outside, only to hear another lecture from the Deku Tree as he finally reveals what happened to him: An evil man from the desert came and demanded the Deku Tree give up one of three Spiritual Stones, which, when gathered together, can open a door into the Sacred Realm. Once there, the evil man would be able to attain the Just Breathe sneakers White Philipp Plein epmgZVBVKk
, a remnant of raw power left behind by the pearl embellished sandals Brown Marni XmZFJUy
who created the land of Hyrule.

After his epic story, the Deku Tree insists that the evil man from the desert must be stopped and never allowed to enter the Sacred Realm. Because the Deku Tree would not give him the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, he cast a curse upon the tree which cannot be lifted. Lame. Before he dies, he urges you to seek out “the Princess of Destiny” in Hyrule Castle and gives you the stone that the man was after. Oooo, shiny! The Great Deku Tree, the guardian of the Kokiri, then dies… Well, that’s no good.

Upon returning to the village, you are immediately stopped by Mido, who jumps to the conclusion that YOU killed the Great Deku Tree. Before you can get a word in, he leaves. Jerk! Make sure you save real quick. Since there’s nothing to do here at the moment, go ahead and leave via the exit on the opposite side of the village.

You’ll then witness a short clip in which Link runs across the bridge leading to Hyrule Field and Saria pops out of nowhere to say goodbye. Aww, so sad… As a parting gift, she gives him the Fairy Ocarina , a mystical instrument that allows you to play magic songs throughout your journey. Sweet. After that, Link decides to run away. Give her a hug or something, man!

~ Hyrule Field ~

As soon as you exit, you’ll witness a short clip giving you an overview of the field . The castle on the opposite side is our goal. When you regain control, head around the corner and- DOH! The owl who interrupts you is named Kaepora Gaebora , and he will speak to you endlessly about various matters. Basically, he just reaffirms that you need to go to Hyrule Castle and explains that you have a map, even out here. When he’s done talking, make sure you select the bottom option: No, I DON’T want to hear it again! Nintendo swaps his responses just to frustrate us throughout the game…

Once he flies away, start running towards the castle (use your mini-map to head straight there). If you’re quick, you’ll make it there before nightfall. If you don’t make it before night (likely) you’ll encounter a new enemy: Stalchildren . If you don’t want to face them, you can just wait on the road (they don’t appear if you do). At sunrise, the drawbridge will finally lower for you.

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Multicultural agency Egami CEO Teneshia Warner on “The Talk,” why brands need to work on their cultural competency, and how multicultural agencies are no longer niche.

4 minute Read

Teneshia Warner is the first-ever African-American woman to accept a Grand Prix award on stage at Cannes Lions . . . last month.


That it took until June 2018 for this to happen illuminates the advertising and marketing industry’s need to diversify the ranks of its creative leadership, and the increasing urgency with which brands need to acknowledge and make work that reflects a more diverse consumer experience. Warner, founder and CEO of multicultural agency Egami, helped create PG’s award-winning ad “The Talk,” which was just landed Heirloom Lace Up Cropped Pant in Green size S also in LMXS Chaser W8HKUhmx

The spot chronicles black parents explaining the realities of racial bias and discrimination to their kids across multiple decades, up to today. Made in partnership with the agency BBDO, the spot is a specific cultural insight that has resonated with mainstream audiences. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as studies have shown that consumers are more attracted to brands that speak out about their values. A Womens 27CH221 LowTop Trainer Dockers by Gerli i7Pn7
found that 87% of African Americans, 83% of Hispanics, 81% of Asian Americans, 80% of LGBTQ consumers, and 78% of millennials think more companies should take a stand on important social issues.

“Seeing studies at least indicate this is an expectation of both multicultural consumers and the general market, so brands are starting to connect the dots on what it means to be socially conscious,” says Warner. “Can you afford to sit out or be neutral? I don’t think they can. Being neutral is making a choice at this point, in the eyes of many consumers.”

For PG, this move off the sidelines started back in 2016 when it asked Warner and Egami to help relaunch its “My Black Is Beautiful” campaign. “My Black Is Beautiful” started within PG more than a decade ago, by a group of six African-American employees who sought to shift the portrayal of black women in media and marketing. Warner and Egami have been working with the group for the past eight years, but this time culture dictated their direction more than ever.

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“It was October 2016, and if you think back to that time, racial incidents were on the rise, the killing of young black boys, even women like Sandra Bland, there were things going on that made you think we were still back in the civil rights era,” says Warner. “That’s when we got this brief around making the brand relevant in the lives of African-American women.”

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Jude Fulton
Recovering Architect at East coast gal who wandered west. I used to design buildings, now I design experiences.

The NextDay

At Design Review 1, each of the Matter three portfolio companies pitched to a panel of 5 and a crowd of about 50 people. The panelists (pictured above) were: Womens 19220302016160 Biker Boots Mjus R3owcBCW
of Homebrew , Mens New Raimon Sneaker III Calf Trainers Joop s36d5V9V
of Byliner , Evan Hansen of Medium, Dave Gehring of Google, and Craig Forman , former WSJ foreign correspondent. A special thank you to the panelists for their generosity of time and insight.

After Design Review 1, all 6 companies got together the next morning to assess the feedback we received. The crew at Matter has been really great about helping us collect as many data points as possible on the content and delivery of our pitches.

Lara records every pitch, and we watch ourselves on tape the next day, an experience that is kind of painful (I hate watching myself on tape), but admittedly, it is helpful. Additionally, we receive about 50+ feedback forms from panelists, audience members, and fellow Matter companies, that look like this:

The next day, while it is still fresh in our memory, we get together as a group to synthesize the feedback. This is the part of the feedback that is . Prior to Matter I had never had such an in-depth or quick feedback loop on how I pitch, and it’s been a welcome change.

2. Then, the founders of the company we selected first to begin the process share their post-it notes first. One by one, they go to the whiteboard and begin to share what they want to focus on. Below is Prashant from Local Data.

3. Then the rest of us post our notes on the whiteboard, where the facilitator (Corey) groups the feedback into categories. The rest of us listen to what is being shared and can ask clarifying questions.

Synthesis + Accountability

You’ll often see cofounders of a company post similar, if not exactly the same priorities. And we often see common themes emerge — a need to more clearly articulate our sustainable competitive advantage, for example, or to test hypotheses that will impact our business models.

With 6 groups, it lasts about an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours. But what is invaluable about the process is that we are forced to assess and verbalize our priorities the day after a pitch, while it is still fresh in our minds. It’s also a great way to hold ourselves accountable to our friends and fellow cofounders. If you can find a community of fellow founders whom you trust to share your pitch with, I would highly recommend it. But don’t skimp on the feedback, synthesis or accountability.

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