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    03/01/2018 08:56 pm ET
    Oslo police have reached out to the FBI.
    By Mary Papenfuss
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    U.S. President Ruffled Point Desprit Tulle And Printed Silkgeorgette Midi Dress Cream Red Valentino mgiH4Faio
    has received two nominations for the Carmen Womens Boots Les Tropeziennes gsZoSY7sPG
    that the Norwegian Nobel Committee says are forged.

    It’s the second year in a row that someone has nominated Trump for the prestigious prize after assuming the identity of a Womens Lima Trainers Legero ZzBBiM7Zw
    , said Olav Njolstad,secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

    Njolstad told The Washington Post that the same person is likely responsible for both fake nominations, which the committee discovered after reaching out to the individual whose name appeared on the letter recommending Trump. Njolstad did not identify that person.

    Only certain people are allowed to nominate candidates for the peace prize, and the list of their identities is secret. They include former prize winners, heads of state and certain academics.

    Njolstad told the Post that unqualified people are often recommended for the peace prize, but that“as far as I know, this is the first example of someone nominating someone by stealing another person’s identity.”

    According to several press reports, an unidentified American nominated Trump for the 2017 prize, saying the U.S. president should be honored for his “ideology of peace through force.” The same argument appeared in the nomination for this year’s prize, Deutsche Welle reported.


    The matter has been referred to the Oslo police , The Associated Press reported, quoting the NTB Norwegian wire service. Norwegian authorities have Womens Metallic Party Dress Dorothy Perkins Curve PgLnw6vk
    for assistance and are planning to meet next week, said Rune Skjold, head of the economic crimes unit of the Oslo police force,reported the German wire service DPA. Skjold said forgers can face several years in prison.

    President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, just 11 months after first winning the presidency. That apparently galled Trump, who wondered if the award could be rescinded after the book quoted a subdued Obama as saying: “Turns out VLTN rubber slides Valentino A5LhET
    ; didn’t know that going to be a strong suit of mine.” Obama was referring to successful U.S.military operations including those that killed Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki .

    Our NOBEL PRIZE FOR PEACE president said “I’m really good at killing people” according to just out book Double Down. Can Oslo retract prize?

    Where Compassion Meets Technology
    The future of veterinary medicine is here.
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    Where Compassion Meets Technology
    The future of veterinary medicine is here.
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    We believe that compassionate veterinary medicine must start with a personal touch. There are no shortcuts in great medicine. This approach motivates everything we do, and it is part of why we are so proud to be family and locally owned. We believe it is important to spend more time with you and your pet. We believe your pet deserves a truly thorough and compassionate examination, and we believe you deserve to have all of your questions and worries carefully addressed. Here, you will be heard, listened to, and cared for with the utmost respect and compassion. Because you matter, your pet matters, and your experience matters. So give us a call, and let us show you what all the fuss is about.

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    Your pet deserves the same medical care that you expect for yourself. This goal is taken seriously, and has a wide range of effects on our hospital. We have been the first to bring technologies to Kingston, and we relish creating possibilities. Let us show you how we can help YOUR pet.

    A Unique Advantage

    We are also the proud owners of Downtown Animal Hospital. Why does this matter to you? We have a built-in network for second opinions. Many of our team members are renown in the industry for their expertise in different subjects. This gives your pet access to a comprehensive approach to veterinary care; instead of just relying on one veterinarian, you get a true team approach to make sure that your pet is getting exactly what they need. In our pursuit of excellence, we also work closely with board-certified specialists. This makes a tremendous difference in raising the standards of healthcare, and is instrumental in allowing us to give you compassionate care on every single visit.

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    3P Biopharmaceuticals is equipped to handle both New Biological Entities (NBEs) manufacturing (fusion proteins, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies…) as well as Biosimilars. Project specific customization of many manufacturing related services such as analytical method development, process validation, stability studies, formulation, advanced therapy services (cell therapy) and Master and Working cell bank generation, characterization and Storage can be offered.
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